If you are a successful company or an Individual you must have dealt with many clients with different mindsets and experienced that every client is looking for a right solution for their problem. As a service provider, you have to immediately identify their problem and propose a suitable solution in order to engage them. A landing page serves the purpose and is important for a website.

Most of us must be thinking Wait? What? Landing page? Why?

I don’t need a Landing page when I have a great Website, a website filled with useful CONTENT.

To make it more precise, let say you need toothpaste.

  • You went to a grocery store and got confuse finding so many household products there.
  • To land you to the bathroom products, store staff puts tags/banners on that area for you to easily land there.
  • Instead of searching every row of grocery store, you will simply land on bathroom products and get your toothpaste without any hustle.

Purpose of landing page is similar to tags/banners in the above example. They show the clients what he is looking for instead of letting him searching the whole website and then get to the right place. It is the main root of any website as it describes the type and purpose of a website through “Logo”, “Demo Video”, “Images” and “Content” etc. This helps users to understand the kind of website and business you own.

“Thus the only purpose of a Landing Page is to convert the leads to the customers”

Therefore, before creating your landing page you have to be clear about these important things

  • How to attract the target audience to my landing page?
  • Determine the Goal of a landing page.
  • Who am I Competing against?
  • Who is my Audience?

Applying these four things in your contents before creating landing page can prove to be very beneficial not only for a landing page but even for your complete website.

Appealing layout:

Landing page layout should be appealing. It should cover all main aspects of your product or service you want to offer.

  • Landing Page header and footer should sync with the websites. They should look clear with simple colors.
  • All the links should land user to the right place.
  • To turn visitors into leads add eye-catching, attractive colored, appealing size with good verbs on Call To Action buttons for the user to land at the place you want.
  • Highlight specialties via offering deals and coupon etc.
  • Use relevant information like images after the graphic treatment and video explaining the products process to develop their interest
  • Provide Live Help to your customer it can gain their trust.

If you want to make a visitor your customer then your main focus should be on introducing new techniques that can make you superior to your competitor.

Attractive but Interactive:

Now the most important questions are

  • How is User’s Experience on your site?
  • How easily he/she may interact with all modules of the website?

Good look and feel of landing page only attract the users on your website, it can even land the huge cluster of users on your website but what a waste if after the proper landing of users they can’t even find it friendly. This bad experience can reduce the number of users and take to you in a big loss of money and time. To avoid this make your landing page:

  • Easy to use for expert, intermediate and invoice.
  • Page speed should be fast, avoid unnecessary information. Studies say that 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load. Performance of landing page should be perfect. Reduce load time speed, use moderate size of images and use speedy web host to make your website run perfectly. User should land on your landing page within a 2 or 3 seconds. Load time speed of any website always increases the efficiency of website because all modules of website work fast providing an efficient way of exploring the application for the customer.
  • Navigation should be such that visitors complete the desired task in a flow.

Device friendly design:

87% of people use their mobile phones to access the Internet. Mobile users are increasing rapidly and a person who invested in e-business always try or find new ways to increase users traffic on his site so your design should be responsive for all devices. Responsive design leads to the smooth conversion of the visitor to the customer.

On a desktop screen application shows its complete main and realistic information on the landing pages which when move on to the responsive mode hides some authentic modules due to small screen size of mobile.

It is important to think about which important modules you want to display for Mobile user on landing pages to convert to lead in responsive mode. You can check if your landing page is fully responsive or not by using this awesome Mobile friendly test tool by Google

Trustworthy Green signals:

Landing page is the online face of any E-business, if you want to build trust on your customers then show realistic Information on your landing page like logos of well-known companies you have done business with, Feedback you got from the clients, awards you have won and affiliation or association of your business with authentic organizations will attract your user. It will build customer trust on you and your productivity.

Thank you Page:

Now you got a lead ready for a conversion. Yay!

Let them know that you are pleased to have them on your Landing page by redirecting them to a Thank You page.

In addition to that, always give them some extra useful Information. You can engage them by cross-promoting your products, tell them more about your offers, and ask them to share using social media button on thank you page. You can show the navigation of your website on menu page for them to explore more.

You can find the best landing page example in this HubSpot Blog