SwaamTech - Where Quality Matters

As globalization and IT growth drives your business to focus on web and smartphone technologies, our team of qualified experts will help you plan, deploy, develop and test all types of software applications and solutions. As a team, we are committed to deliver outstanding products to help you take advantage of new arising opportunities.

The core competence of design, development and quality assurance are the foundations on which our company is built. SWAAM Tech offers end-to-end solutions, which means we can plan, design, build and provide support for all kinds of web or smartphone applications. The company is globally acclaimed, thanks to a range of successful projects that we have completed for our clients.

We believe in taking up projects that will eventually benefit our clients, if we don't see a positive return, we will tell you straightaway.


  • askandbuy

    SsangYong is a Korean car manufacturer that focuses on providing practical, quality vehicles that are affordable. SsangYong has been making vehicles for sixty years and specialises in modern and practical SUV’s and Utes, perfect for a typical Kiwi lifestyle. SSANGYONG

    We have worked with Swaam Tech on our two websites for several years now. They have always been very obliging and happy to make urgent changes when required. The work have been very always very cost efficient. If you are looking for a web provider and are focussed on value, I would have no hesitation in recommending Swaam Tech.

    Samantha. National Marketing Manager, SSANGYONG

  • askandbuy

    The mission of Everything Connects is to inspire you, educate you, and empower you to make a difference in your life, for all life, and for the ecological foundations of life. Everything Connects

    Swaamtech are true professionals. They have again helped me correct a design issue with my website. They work fast and concise and they always find a way to fix the problem, even if it seems out of their hands - they will take it upon themselves to create a solution from scratch or even design one for the customers needs. Highly recommended!

    George, CEO, EveryThing Connects

  • askandbuy

    PT PAL is solving non-compliance by putting therapy in the palm of the patient's hand. PT PAL is a patient-centered, transformative solution that helps medical professionals keep patients on track to strengthen and recover. PT PAL overcomes one of the industry's greatest obstacles, patient compliance. iTunes

    Swaam Tech is a fantastic partner. They respond to questions quickly and have a +90% first-call resolution (FCR) score. The programming team are friendly and knowledgeable and we work with the same group consistently (rather than being introduced to someone new every week). Our Swaam team responds quickly to changes in design without hesitation or complaint, allowing us to respond quickly to our customer requests. Several times they have designed solutions to problems on their own that were very well received by our customers (and us). Swaam work cost-estimates/bids are accurate and their invoices are well documented, concise and timely. I highly recommend Swaam Tech as a business partner.

    John Dzivak, CIO, PTPAL

  • askandbuy

    SideKick is fast-becoming a leading UK boxing and MMA fightwear equipment brand established in 2010. They take pride in turning into a trademark, in such a short time span, when it comes to superior quality of our wide range of kickboxing and MMA fightwear products. Sidekick Boxing

    SwaamTech is the name of quality services. They didn’t only claim but prove it with actions. Their solution oriented approach put business ideas into reality. You can trust & they will never break it. Business model understanding approach diversifies them from others. This leads them to give more business ideas for sidekickboxing to expand. They are our technology partner along with occasional business adviser.

    Daniel Knight, CEO, Sidkick Boxing

  • askandbuy

    PT PAL is solving non-compliance by putting therapy in the palm of the patient's hand. PT PAL is a patient-centered, transformative solution that helps medical professionals keep patients on track to strengthen and recover. PT PAL overcomes one of the industry's greatest obstacles, patient compliance. iTunes

    Swaam Tech has created major web portal and app builds for PT PAL. They are very easy and to work with, they understand and contribute value to our company vision and mission. They have been a big supporter and partner from start-up phase to today's enterprise phase serving large health systems. They are unafraid of ideas and have an excellent "can do" attitude.Their ability to troubleshoot is effective and supportive, they always resolve any issue. I highly recommend them, not only for their quality of work but for the integrity by which they conduct business - honest and heartfelt.

    Naveen Khan. CEO, PTPAL

  • idea

    Behind every successful product, there is an idea, but not all ideas are created equal. We'll start from scrutinizing the idea, and see if there's some value for all stakeholders.

  • design

    Our designs are more than a blend of colors, or just an arrangement of fonts & objects. We will come up with unique, cohesive designs with an influence of your brand.

  • code

    Our programmers bring the ideas and the designs to life in the most efficient and effective manner possible. You can rely on us for all types of standards compliant and semantically correct coding.

  • action

    We test each and every product for functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance before putting it into action. So, when it goes out, there's no stopping it.

Awesome Services

App Development

We build purposeful apps while leveraging the latest technologies, with a focus on usability, security, and efficiency. Bring life to your App Idea.

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We are not typical graphic designing company. Our designers can deliver visually consistent, stunning designs to help you build a unique brand identity.

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Rigorous testing solutions in high-complexity environments to make sure your software applications and tools will achieve challenging business objectives.

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Website Development

SwaamTech is a full-stack website development company. We specialize in designing state of the art, mobile-responsive and attractive websites.

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Mubasher Hussien

 - Chairman -

Mr. Sheikh being the financial controller for the NIG for the past 11 years where he has an extensive experience with multinational companies and a solid experience in Holding and investment companies. Mr. Sheikh’s role in the group is overseeing the activities og the subsidiaries and reporting to the CEO, on different panels. Prior to joining NIG, Mr. Sheikh was an Audit Manager in a leading Audit Firm in Kuwait.


Adeel Mannan

- CEO -

Though he works as the CEO at swam tech but more often it feels like he is the appointee of our clients. His compassion for our clients is the actual grace of our company. Ability to bring back projects from declared dead is among the precious set of skills that he earned over a very hard fought time. “How we do this?” is out of his dictionary. “Fail” is the word he loves the most, as this always gives him the power to seemingly “impossible” things. That’s the only reason he had successfully retained our clients to whopping 99%. His trust building and to back that trust up at any cost, holds the fandom of our clients. When he is free… well, He is our CEO so he on duty 24/7.


Majid Saleem

- Project Manager -

His love of coding just never dies. But when he acts like a senior developer his experience automatically adds glitter to everything he touches, Regardless he is on to the initial phase or final delivery. Excellent team building abilities is an astonishing show off in his profile.Interactive projects ranging from websites to complete branding packages include in his portfolio. Utter ease with popular content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress along with frameworks such as Zend, Symfony and Codeigniter will make you feel stunned every time. A customized content management system for rapid development, which is dream of many, was made in habitual time killing moments for him.He excels at taking a holistic approach to projects, carefully considering goals ie objectives, usability, design, functionality, and quality assurance. He works closely with clients to develop distinct strategies to deliver projects before time.


Wasif Saleem

- Team Lead -

Wasif Salem is a back-end php developer with a devil eye for details and a passion for perfection. He can play single handedly different roles from a developer to CTO. Some of his specialties are HTML, CSS, Javascript/Jquery. Complex problem-solving & handling tuff situations makes him a good Project Manager. You will never hear no from him. His comfort with different Content Management Systems astonishes his experience. In SwaamTech he is our trump card which leads us to victory every time. He lives in the “Mughal City of Gardens” also known as Lahore and graduated from NUCES-FAST with a B.S. in Computer Science degree. When he's not coding, you'll typically find him sleeping or on roads in search of some awesome roadside food.


Waqas Younis

- BDM -

Muhammad Waqas Younis has done MBA in international business from UWIC UK. He is Sales certified of HP operation solutions and Sales Expert of Symantec security Solution. He has worked in the IT & Marketing industry since 2005 in companies across the UK, Middle East and Pakistan. His personal attributes include Leadership, Project management, Business development, Sales & Marketing. He has History of achieving employment goals and quality work carried to timely completion. He can interact productively with people from diverse backgrounds.


Asif Dilshad

- Chief Strategist -

Asif Dilshad is digital marketing expert turned into Sales Guy & holds BSc degree in computers sciences. His digital marketing experience helped him to think outside the box while communicating with clients achieve there goals. Asif has responsibilities of new business development and establish long term relationship with clients.



- BDE -

Jonah is young and energetic customer services professional, He is more passionate towards sales, marketing and business development. He joined Swaam TECH as a Business Developer. He completed his bachelor’s degree in IT & Commerce doing MBA from reputed university. He is willing to explore diversified experience in different fields. He is a good team player and a learner willing to travel whole world.

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