Stop Reinventing the Wheel – Try our Frameworks

Frameworks can be quite useful, allowing you to program in a more efficient and faster manner. It provides you with generic modules or components that can be used multiple times. Having the framework means that you are not entirely dependent on the actual developers for maintenance or upgrades.

Zend Framework: Zend Framework is an Open Source, object oriented, and E_STRICT compliant framework. It can support almost all database systems including but not limited to MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite. We can help you build scalable portals, web applications, and customized solutions while using Zend Framework.

Codeigniter: Codeigniter is a PHP based web application framework, used for building dynamic websites. It is one of the fastest PHP frameworks that you can find. SwaamTech has professional team of Codeigniter programmers and experts who can build top notch solutions with Codeigniter. We have successfully built and implemented Codeigniter framework for our clients across the globe.

Yii: Yii is another open source, object-oriented, and well tested framework. Feel free to Contact us for Yii based applications, consultation, and expert training services.

Laravel: One of the most commonly used web application framework, thanks to its speed and a lot of built-in features like Authentication, ORM, Queues, and caching. We can develop Laravel frameworks that will help you do a lot more work in less time.