In our first tutorial you read about the basics of Laravel and why we use it in web application. It is obvious that Laravel take the pain out of development by helping in common tasks used in majority of web application. Now let’s discuss the unique and new peak points of Laravel framework i.e. Controllers, and Blade Templates.

“Happy web developers are always making the best code”

Laravel combine the best features of all other web frameworks, including frameworks that are implemented in other languages i.e. “Ruby on rails”, “ASP.Net MVC”, and “Sinatra” to makes the development process pleasing for developers without losing the application functionality.

Laravel Framework is accessible in the powerful tools to make the robust web applications. After reading these slides one will have a virtuous grip on basic request/response handling, configuring/migration of database, blade template and controllers in Laravel.

Framework Winner:

As per 2016 survey, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework at work. Developers love to use Laravel for their big projects. It provides security and a definite standard that needs to be followed. Any techy can easily understand the application backend features. These qualities make the Laravel to stand out.

Laravel framework Popularity


SWAAM TECH developed many web applications in different frameworks but ICanvasFactory is our most productive project that we did in Laravel framework. ICanvasFactory is a web application developed for users to design canvas with your own custom photos, apply different effects on the photos and the prints will be created using the highest quality materials. The final product is delivered to the doorstep in a matter of days.

Our clients have trust on our services, we do not compromise on quality of products that’s the reason our clients always approach us for their software developments.

Laravel – Website Development in Php Framework Part 2 from Swaam Tech Pvt Ltd