Talking about our Fitness industry, technology is taking over it and it’s not stopping anytime soon. A comparison in fitness technology trend of 2016 & 2017 have revealed that 80% fitness experts has decided to jump in the technology world, which I say is the need of era.

A simple search in the app store under ‘fitness’ lead us to a huge variety of apps to help you get fit and stay motivated.But have you ever wondered what makes some apps feature at top in play/App store?

In this busy world, people have no time to go to gyms or hire fitness trainers for workouts. Application with best fitness features & usability experience makes its way to top. Anything within the user comfort zone is a must HIT. Here are some top apps in play/app store simple to use and easily catch user attention

1. App with User Interest:

People concerned about their eating habits are now taking healthy diet according to the daily updated schedule on Foodcuate.

2. A/B testing of App:

If you wanted to try running but never known where to start, Couch to 5K should be the next app you download.

When couch to 5k released for IOS/Android platforms, it was just a step counter app but after time to time they enhance its features according to the user’s interest and needs. They get reviews and suggestions from users and developed more features like:

  1. Running plans for Beginners, intermediate and perfects.
  2. Publish Books and add as a feature in app to boost your running stamina.
  3. Most important they added feature to connect other wearable device with the app.
  4. Added feature in which you can convert Languages other than English.

It all about user facilities and they are doing it. User traffic is increasing day by day because of its cool features.

3. User Engagement with Easy & Time Effective Workouts:

Fitnet is the workout app for people who can’t carve out time to go to the gym. The app features an abundance of five and seven minute targeted workouts training, so you don’t have to sacrifice time with your friends and family to achieve your fitness goals.
An app really does enhance the traditional personal trainer/gym experience but for the fitness trainers and Gym owner, it is not easy to handle application from the backend.
Not to Worry! You can always learn and get techy, it is not an impossible task but it definitely requires time and energy to master in the basic. No matter what your reason is for wanting to become technical, a self-assessment is always a good way to start.

We as a web and mobile service provider company resolve many minor and major problems of our clients. They sometimes approach us with their following problems:

  1. How can I change the font of my home page?
  2. Can you please update my product Image?
  3. How can I add a blog post in my Word Press website?
  4. Can you please update my installed Theme?
  5. How to manage my content on site?

List goes on and on but we never take time to solve their issue and suggest them a prompt solution.
One of our non-technical clients who is also a Fitness Expert faced a usability problem handling his Ecommerce website. He faced difficulty understanding the famous Woo Commerce Plugin we use for the ecommerce site. He was confused on how to handle his website:

  1. Add, Edit, and delete products
  2. Upload or drag & drop the images of products
  3. Relate the Up-sells and cross sells products
  4. Add new products tags and attributes

After these requests we provided him a SIMPLE USER GUIDE to manage his business website.
Many new fitness business owners see website and mobile apps development (programming) as a threat to their bricks and mortar gyms. According to Google trends, the searches for both ‘gym membership’ and ‘fitness app’ have increased tremendously in last five years.

New non-technical fitness business owners should waste no time & move the business to website or mobile app for the growth and stability. They should either learn coding or hire an expert development firm for design, development, testing, and maintenance tasks.

If you are considering a company to develop your website & thinking; How can I get a website when

  1. I can’t manage my business website
  2. I have not enough knowledge to control all the website features
  3. I have no idea about how to get clients on the website

Don’t panic!
Our web and mobile app development company solve exact these problems. We love to work with clients that are

  1. Eager to learn
  2. Get curious and try to be a part of development process

One of our Website development clients was so curious, he wanted to know all

  1. When & how the web development cycle is started?
  2. How Word Press website is configured and managed?

He actively took part during development; keep himself updated with the developed pages, features, design etc. At the end we were able to complete the website in less time with his prompt feedbacks

What makes us finest in the web and mobile application development industry is our eagerness to track down all the details and wrap our brains around really complex stuff. Our team is passionate about the understanding of the things we do. We carefully listen and suggest the solution to client’s technical and non-technical problems and provide help through different convenient sources like user guides, videos and call sessions.

Get our free User Guide to add content in your WordPress website or Email me ( your website problems & we will catch you as soon as possible.