Changes are eventual, they happen and they will happen, because the world does not stop, time does not halt, and people don’t stop to grow. It is inevitable – so people who resist change often find themselves in self created dilemmas – same goes for Software Products.

Websites Are Projections!

People as customers see this in a constant form of projections. If we tend to deliver the same message without changing, with same tone, with same frequency, then the human brain will simply miss it. You and the content you represent will become invisible to the general public in no time. Have you ever notice the effect of aroma while first entering a baker’s shop, and then it fades away as you spend some time there? Same effect is created with software. If you are selling or representing something on a website or any other forms of remote projections, you venture yourself with a changing tone; not contrasting, but changing.

On the other hand, as the makers of the solutions, we see this as a challenge as well. You see, the transformations to the solution are a constant phenomenon that ensues, and it is a never ending cycle. The best way to keep this cycle on the move is to have both internal and external stake holders on the same page.

The Fatality

The most common fatalities to the products are the update failures. These are the most frequent complaints generating from customers around the globe, which usually is something like; “Whenever a new component is added, or, an older one is modified, the subsequent release fails or crashes at some point!”

The cause, as stated by the customers is remains same, and for the software company the word “regression” becomes a horror story.

It is not a rocket science; rather on the contrary, it is very simple to track down these issues. Companies, teams and motivated managers often miss this with overconfidence. They tend to think that timely deliveries to the client will make sure that the client is happy, is actually not the case. Clients necessitate their business running, and they will compromise for the time against their reputation. They have never done something to put their line of bucks on the brink of collapse. We need to make sure that this remains intact.


The approach to a successful regression is to make ourselves clear about a couple of things. First, that if we are going to test a website or a system, we can never completely test it. It is always based on samples. Question is which samples? The best answer resides on one word: Risk Areas. We can have 100’s of test for the system to ensure that it is functioning right, but we can only identify a few test which actually addresses the “risk” areas, and can tumble the client. It is a tip of the iceberg that we address each time, the changes which happens, needs to verify against these areas.

Technique and Skills

Similarly, the second part is the human resource we have to test your systems. We cater for two things, the technique, and the Skills. For the technique part, we need not to worry, as we have all the state of the art tools, and technology with us, and the people we acquire knows how to handle these tools, under their specific needs.

The Skill part however is the tricky area. The unskilled resource will only look for the surface area problems, they cannot dive deep into the system domain, and would necessitate a line of reference to get things stated and even if the requirements are totally explicit, the results they will provide will always skimmed off the low rate functional problems.

On the other hand the skilled resources will look for the risk areas, the functional aspects with domain focus, and also will ensure the quality under the criteria of testability, reliability and portability of the system. They will with have a conjecture for their findings, while they perform research on the issues. Will collaborate with other resources and draw the maps of product elements for the right coverage of the application.

Last Words

The era we currently live in will pass momentarily; we need to adapt the changes that are occurring in the development and quality domains. Systems and websites are now more responsive, intelligent and human oriented in their design. They talk, and we respond. We cannot ensure the change cycles, quality and customer satisfactions with traditional approaches. We need to make sure whatever we do to establish quality in the deliverables, the sapience and intuition part is always implemented.

Because the future is already here!

What We are Based on?

Our products and services are all related to the concept of changes and evolution. We build solution and websites which represent who you are, what you do and what you want to sell. We project you professionally, socially and in turn the effect these website create is both lucrative in business and domain perspectives.