Compatibility Testing

Don't wait for your Customers to Report Compatibility Issues - It May be too late

It's baffling to see so many businesses overlooking the basics like compatibility testing, and suffering huge loss in form of customer dissatisfaction, software failures, poor product quality, and high cost of customer support. Your target users might be using different types of devices, operating systems, or hardware platforms, and the application needs to function equally well with all of them. It's a pity to see a software or application fail simply because of compatibility issues, make sure your software is not one of them.

Compatibility testing is an indispensable part of software development process. You need to make sure that the application built is compatible with different hardware platforms, operating systems, browsers, servers, databases, and networks.

At SwaamTech, all compatibility testing is conducted on real computing environment, instead of virtual ones. Our approach for compatibility testing covers everything from installation to operations. We analyze and report the behavior of your software in different environments.

We have the experience and necessary skills to test your software’s compatibility with all major browsers, operating systems, hardware platforms, and devices. We take your software application and test them for compatibility with:

-Widows 8 (and the older versions like Windows XP, Vista or Win 9x)
-Mac or Linux
-All popular browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.)
-Android, and iOS Mobile Devices
-Peripherals (printers, web cam, DVD drive, etc)
-All major Databases like Oracle, DB2, or Sybase
-Other relevant software or applications