Using a content management system (CMS) to power your site could be one of the best investments you make in your business.

Let me tell you why….
Investing in your website helps in filling the gap between your potential customers and you. Also, you need to make sure they love it but this doesn’t mean you should have deep website development knowledge. A CMS is about power of simplicity, every business owner should use it so they still have time to concentrate on highlighting other factors of business and improving it. The most interesting thing in October (CMS) is its usability key benefits to run your business website.

  1. It’s easy for the non-technical mind.
  2. Design changes are simple
  3. It improves site maintenance.
  4. It helps you manage content.

Everything is in your control!
What else a non-techy desire?

Our Web Application Development Company has worked on various frameworks but our Full stack web developers always like to use Laravel for the web development projects so they keep them updated with all the new technologies that optimize the development cycle.

The concept of a Content Management System is definitely not new in the market but Content Management System for Laravel proved to be very helpful in this competitive techy world. Laravel CMS has made development easier for its followers.

It’s like technology is improving the productivity of the developers by bringing useful frameworks, CMS and tools in the market. The top 5 CMS available in the market are

  1. Word Press
  2. October CMS
  3. Drupal
  4. Joomla
  5. Magento

A new open source CMS for Laravel framework has made its striking appearance in Oct 2016 and caught all the attention of technology lovers. October CMS is a Laravel PHP based CMS that covers some amazing features that made it a very solid offering.

Let’s me share some thoughts on this new October CMS that makes you believe it as a strong CMS competitor for the development of your NEXT website.

1. Static File System

Your page will not take centuries to load now. WOW!

October CMS creates a lighter load on database and is extremely efficient on page load times. Cache is hardly needed in fact.

Although certain plugins such as our Pro-Blog or Pro-Events do have dynamic database driven content, October CMS in general is entirely file based. Isn’t it interesting?

2. Elegantly Designed UI

The backend UI of October CMS is so easy to use and graceful to work on. I would rather say It is an absolute JOY!

Moving around from pages to partials, partials to content and adding plugin components all feels very natural. In fact, you could theoretically avoid your IDE all together considering October’s ultra clean markup editor.

3. Sleek & Simple Functionality

Just like any CMS, October can certainly be made as complex in functionality as you. Plenty of power can be explored and extended from October’s Laravel PHP foundation to makes the work flow simple for the web development.

Adding components, partials, and content all have a very similar twig syntax that can be added, moved & reordered as easy as copy or paste.

Not familiar with twig?
Don’t panic. It’s syntax is very simple i.e. {% component ‘blogPost’ %} will render any component to view like it is the part of the page. In short it is easy to use.

4. Construct Plugin & Themes

October CMS also has this powerful feature of constructing plugins and themes. These plugins can be extended easily. You can build new feature without installing or uninstalling the fluff. It’s just as simple as adding some files and the Object Relational Mapper takes care of the rest!
While working on our SaaS based Event Planner System, we found October’s API to be extremely well documented & when combined with Laravel’s, makes the functionality document easier to study for the developer.

5. Support Every Logic

Although October CMS is an Open Source BUT it is not just about listening to feedbacks and implementing new features. When it sticks to developer’s logics wonders can happen. Impressive!!!

October CMS carries almost every line of code and its documentation. It is prevalent in the October Marketplace where every single plugin and theme is personally reviewed and accepted or rejected based on quality and efficiency.

Let’s Wrap Up

These are just a few reasons to love October CMS, take a good read at October CMS Website. Without a doubt in mind my core Laravel websites development team will do justice with October CMS and is super excited to see this CMS grow in our web development firm.