You know WHAT you are doing.
You know WHY you want to do it.
And you know HOW to do it.

But WHERE to do, matters the most to get the results every business owner wants

It gets tough for small business owners to choose the best social media platform for their business marketing as there is no magical spell that can get them conversions and fill their bank accounts with money.

You have to identify the best social media platform where your target audience hangout.
Every business owner wishes to have a heavy User Traffic to get high number of Leads that converts and generate income. All can be possible if he develop simple and smooth ways for customer to reach him. In that case, social media interactions are very beneficial for marketing of all businesses.

  • You can share your all business public details on social media, it’s cheap and save your time and money which you spent on your business advertising.
  • You can share “what you have?” and “what you want?
  • Share your field work and reviews of your customers.
  • Share your achievement and your next goals etc.

You are possibly familiar with the Snapchat awesome features. It’s more popular than Facebook in teens. So if your target audience is Youth, Don’t wait… GO FOR IT!!!

You will possibly face two situations if you are a newbie to SnapChat

  • You can use it and love it
  • You can get confused by using it

If you are like many other small business owners that are confused then you need to explore SnapChat. It is the next trend for small businesses marketing. It is the fastest growing social network for 2 years and is beating Instagram. Some brands are getting huge publicity using it. Millions of users are watching billion of Informational stories every day.

  • Wondering how to use Snapchat for your business?
  • Want to create strong connections with your followers?

Snapchat can help you

  • Create eye catching content and make it your business stories
  • Build trust and loyalty among your followers
  • Increase your brand visibility

Snapchat offers a relatively low competition platform to reach 18-29 year old consumers. As a matter of fact if you are not engaging your customer using this latest technology marketing trend, you are wasting an opportunity to connect with your followers.

Snapchat is fundamentally different from other popular social media apps. It’s best to think about Snapchat as a messaging application than a social networking application. Think about your audience as contacts than customers. Snapchat is more like Whatsapp than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Try to keep this thing in mind as you are using the app.

Be in the moment

– Real-time interaction is a developing trend in social media. Snapchat is perfectly right to capturing what is happening in the moment and sharing it with your audience.

Feeling of authenticity

– Snapchat is a public facing tool to reach your entire audience in the form of Stories. Stories you create there will appear for 24 hours and stories will be replaced by the newest content you create over a 24 period. It is more realistic to tell a developing story of your businesses.
– You can use a mix of photos, videos, and drawings to show your brand to the audience and gain their trust.

Catch us Live

– You can share the stories in the form of videos or snaps when unboxing the newest shipment of products you receive currently, or marking down items for sale.
– You can show yourself creating new menus or writing down the special of the day if you have a restaurant.
– Take a Snap on the main camera screen. Tap the Stories icon on the bottom of the screen. If you are at an event that has a Live Story, you’ll see two options: “My Story” and the event’s Live Story. If you send your Snap to Live Story, it may be published and viewable by anyone.

Get Personal

– You can send product snaps or videos and complete details to your contacts personally
– Connect with the audience through Video or Audio call to discuss business, products, offers and pricing

Attract your Audience

– Make stories for a new products launch, special offers or simply create something funny or engaging for users to watch.

Cross Promote Businesses

– This would also be a solid opportunity to cross promote businesses. You can mention or even advertise tempting offer on your other social channels in order to grow your Snapchat following

Testimonials and Feedback

– Create a valuable content that gets appreciations and attention of your audience. It should be the highest priority on SnapChat.
– You can share the client’s testimonial as your stories and thank them back.

Grow Your Audience

OK, now you have a good idea for a Snapchat campaign but it is of no use if no one sees it. Growing your presence on a Snapchat is the biggest responsibility but it is not impossible.
– You can timely post your Snapcode to Instagram or other social networks to get followers from other networks.
– You can share your best Snapchat content on your other social channels along with your Snapcode. As we mentioned above, cross-promotion is the key to small business marketing.

How to get your business activities get noticed :

Let suppose you have clothing brand and you own a small shop. Here is how you can use snap chat as a marketing weapon:

  • You can make videos or snaps on SnapChat to show your all new arrival clothing articles according to the season.
  • you can use Time and Location filters to update all events activities on SnapChat and get huge amount of user’s traffic or more business.
  • Connect with your customers and share products snaps and details in the Individual chat. You can do video call to connect with your customers on Snapchat
  • Add Promotion Driven Content for your customers when you offer them any type of gift coupon cards, discount deals, and sales.
  • Update your customers with your all new opening business outlets according to the areas, cities, and countries with the help of Snapchat location filters.
  • You can write blogs and articles about your strategies, struggles in business and products asking your followers to read them on the website.

To follow these steps you can take your business to another level. Use the snaps and videos features to follow these activities, SnapChat automatically shows your all live activities on your customer’s news feeds.

Snapchat also facilitates Big business with its amazing features, but of course, every amazing thing comes with a cost


You can spend current rate of $50,000 to get Snapchat Discover publisher channel and “takeover” the market. Live Story option which is also featured in the Discover section produces daily stories that engage and excite audiences can cost around $250,000. This feature is developed only for the high-level businesses marketing because they can easily manage and afford it.


Snapchat pushed out a new update today, and among the features is the option to subscribe to publishers’ Discover channels. Being able to subscribe means no longer having to deal with searching for updates from the (few) publishers you actually want to see.
Subscriptions remove the hidden-behind-a-cover feel Discover previously had. The professionally produced publisher content used to be hidden behind logos, and users had to scroll through names to find the one they wanted to watch. Now users can easily skip to what they want to watch, no guesswork needed. Every user can subscribe to any brand. This feature is open source.

So can Snapchat actually drive customers to your business or to your website?


If you haven’t used Snapchat for marketing,you’re definitely missing out an opportunity to connect with relevant members of your target audience. You can send 400 million snaps every day; share your moments and thoughts so that people get aware from your brand. Play with some of Snapchat’s coolest features and follow these strategies mentioned in the article to get noticed.