Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are great smartphones without any doubt BUT what makes them so special?

Google have worked with many mobile handset companies around the world and made its name in the market. On October, 4 2016 Google introduced its first smartphone “Pixel” with the new over-the-top features in the market and provided it’s user with the best Google experience by bringing hardware and software design together under one roof. This thing grasps the attention of people and convinced them to use the new Google’s Pixel smartphone.

The first question is why Google named it “Pixel”?

A pixel, it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen. In phones world, pixels are the building blocks of software displayed on screen and software has always been at the heart of Google hence the name Pixel is just PERFECT!

Pixel is not a new name; there are already Pixel ChromeBook laptops and tablets that Google designed in-house. New Pixel phone issuccessful incaptivating people heart with its awesome six new features.

  1. Built in Google Assistant
  2. Excellent photography experience via smart camera
  3. Google Cloud, so you never run out of space
  4. Communication to keep in touch “no matter what phone or operating system you use”
  5. First phone “made for virtual reality”

1. Google Assistant:

Pixel is the first phone which is introduced with the Google assistant built in, with the help of it now you can communicate with the Googleto find the answers. Just hold the home button and your mobile assistant is ready to help.
You can say “show me my wedding Album” and it instantly displays the wedding photos on your screen. You can use “What’s app” or “Facebook” just say open “Facebook” it will take to you on Facebook and if your friend text you to meet up at a new restaurant, you can just say “Navigate there”.How awesome is that!

2. Highest Rated Smartphone Camera:

The Pixel camera is not only best smartphone camera; it is the highest rated smartphone camera. Pixel has a 12.3MP camera, featuring an f/2.0 aperture and big 1.55 micron pixels to capture lots of light. Many photography gurus and image processing experts have spent the last year designing and optimize the camera stack. Now you can take stunning photos in low light, bright light or any light.

3. Appealing Operating System:

The most important and newest thing which makes you fall in love with this smartphone is “Android 7.1 Nougat” operating system. Pixel can get software and security updates as soon as they are available directly from Google. Google made update process more easy for pixel smartphone. It automatically updates the software of the phone on the backend.

4. Never Run Out of Space:

Google facilitate their user via unlimited storage for all your photos and videos very first time in a smartphone “Pixel”. Now you can get Google cloud with this phone and store your all photos, videos and music files when you need extra space.
Say goodbye to those “storage is full” notifications, Google wants to make you feel free to store your reliable data.

5. Be Together In the Moment:

Google added the built-in app in their all pixel smartphones is “Google Duo”. You can get face to face with your loved ones via just a tap. This video calling app is very frequently working on Android devices and all IOS devices. Knock Knock video preview can only be seen on Android devices, IOS users cannot receive a knock knock video preview from incoming calls unless Duo is already open.

6. Made For Virtual Reality:

Now we are talking about a Daydream, Google’s next big thing in VR. There is a headset that can be bought for the Pixels which are the first phones “built for Daydream”, and apparently it has some pretty specs if you are a VR lover as well. It works wirelessly and no cables or ports to plug in. There is a wireless controller fits inside in it, when you are not using, it automatically disconnect. If it is not working with the pixel phone you can use it with different Android devices too.

Speaking of new technology,there are many mobile companies in this world and every company wants to be at the top in the market. Every company is trying to introduce new technology in their upcoming smart devices to make the life of users more flexible.

Last month Apple introduced IPhone 7 in the world that attracted the attention of its potential customer. Many android users moved to IOS in these 2 months. IPhone7 got hype in the market due to it appealing promotions on the social media.

After the launch of IPhone 7, Google introduced the Pixel smartphone with the tempting features which were not offered by any other company before e.g. unlimited storage via Google cloud, powerful OS etc.Let see how these featuresconvert the customers to the Google as they are according to the potential customer needs and need always persuade.