I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple Inc.) once said this. I believe that the Apple employees are very well working on what CEO purposed for the bright future of the company. Apple released a new version iOS10 with a wide variety of its new features.

In iOS10, developers have more power to provide the useful information. They can now tell:

  • The benefits of your application
  • How to use your application
  • It helps the system to promote your application in
    1. Lock Screen
    2. Siri Interaction
    3. Quick suggestions in keyboard
    4. Car Play
    5. Map kit
    6. Application Switcher

All the location information is now saved in “MapItem”. It is the object of “NSUserActivity” which saves the location information which can be used in the application according to the requirements.

One of the amazing feature of IOS 10 is that it helps a user to view album art and play media through the application with the locked screen using “MPPlayableContentManager” API’s.

This is not the end yet. Its other awesome features are:

  1. Sirikit

    Now you can introduce your application to the Siri and by using Sirikit you can make your personal app services available to Siri. Siri supports the following domain:

    • Messaging
    • Calling (Audio/Video)
    • Vehicle enables or disable
    • Book restaurant which requires more services of apple.
    • Booking a ride
    • You can also search app photo through Siri.

    When a user requests the Siri for something the Siri sends an intent object to your app, now once you have the intent object you can use it to perform the specific response object. The response objects know how to react to the intent object that is sent by Siri into your application. Ride booking is also available in maps and Siri, you can also do reservation through maps.

  2. User Notification:

    IOS 10 introduce new notification framework UserNotification.framework which handles the delivery of the local and remote notification. It also let you customise the presence of notification on the user side.

  3. Recognizing the Speech:

    IOS 10 also introduce the new API’s that helps you to recognize the speech and convert it into text. You can do it by using the Speech.framework.

  4. Color:

    IOS 10 now have color extensions RGB extended in UIcolor. You don’t need to give the value between 0.00 to 1.00 Yay!

  5. Enhancements in App Search:

    There are several search enhancements in IOS 10 including in-app searching, validation result visualisation and deep link popularity with separated privacies. A new CSSearchQuery class is added in order to support in- app search.

  6. Enhancements in Widgets:

    In iOS 10, Apple introduced the new look screen design to modify your widget developer “widgetPrimaryVibrancyEffect” or “widgetSecondaryVibrancyEffect”. In addition to that now you can access to allow the user to view some contact or choose a concept or expands views by using “NCWidgetDisplayMode”.

  7. More Enhancements in Apple Pay:

    Apple is improving it Apple Pay service day by day for both developer and user. Now apple added some new API’s that is used for support dynamic payment networks, both IOS and WatchOS and a new Sandbox testing environment.
    Sometimes developer needs to use apple pay where UIKit is not available. Now new API’s are added in PassKit framework for that purpose of using apple pay where UIKit is not available.

  8. Some Enhancement in Security and privacy:

    Apple always provides the quality security and privacy to their users. In IOS 10 several classes are added to provide more security and privacy to the user. Like “NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent”, “UIPasteboard” &”SecKey”

  9. CallKit:

    Great news for the developers!
    Now you can use IPhone UI for your VoIP app using CallKit framework. Yes! CallKit is the new framework in IOS 10 which allows receiving incoming VoIP call on the lock screen. You can also have access to the block contact, identification of the caller and more.

  10. Subscriber Account for The Video:

    The new feature using video subscriber account framework “VideoSubscriberAccount.framework” for the apps to support an authorised idea and video on demands is amazing.

  11. More App Extensions Added:

    IOS 10 have added call directory intentsUI, messages, notification services and content and sticker.

  12. Enhanced HomeKit:

    In IOS 10,”HomeKit.framework” can now give a new support to a camera, doorbell accessories etc. Apple have added many new API’s that provide you with the more support of display live streaming, speakers, microphone, camera settings, access new services, character and much more.

  13. ScreenKit:

    Apple in IOS 10 can do enhancements in “screenkit.framework”. A new PBR (Physically Based Rendering) system that allows you to have more grip on 3D graphics research

  14. Enhancements in UIKit:

    In IOS 10 “UIKit.framewok” have some enhancements that allow you to have more control of your animations. The new “UIPreViewInteraction” class and its delegate a great addition, “UIAccessibilityCustomRotor” that provides the context- specific and custom functionality such as VoiceOver is expose to the users and “UIPreviewInteraction” is added which is use to provide custom user interface related peek and pop expenses.
    In Addition to that, “UIPasteboard” is also introduced with the new options. Apple also did some enhancement in “UICollectionView” by adding a new “UICollectionViewDataSourcePrefetching” protocol that is used for the prefetching of cell automatically to enhance the scrolling expense.

  15. Improvements in WebKit:

    Apple In IOS 10 comes up with the improved peek and pop mode in “WebKit.framework”, the “webView:shouldPreviewElement:” to display the specific web view in the preview.

    For more information, please visit Apple