Usability Testing

User Experience will make or break your Business – See What’s Coming, Try Usability Testing

Good User Experience characterizes a successful product from a failure, and usability testing is the secret behind the big brands like Google or Facebook. If you’re committed to provide excellent user experience, it’s important to put it to test through real users in real situations. Usability Testing factors in user expectations, their actual experience, and the overall user-friendliness of the software or application being tested.

SwaamTech usability testing is the cheapest, most effective way of predicting the user’s experience that will decide the fate of your application. It’s better to let us pinpoint frustrating experiences, breakdowns, or failures instead of letting it go into your target users’ hands without testing. We can test the software or application from end user perspective and identify problems in the interface or workflow. We will interact with your software product or application and perform the intended tasks to see if it meets the expectations.

Our experts and testing facilities have state-of-the-art technology and resources to observe and capture user’s actions, expressions, behavior, and the overall experience while they interact with your software or applications. We can also arrange live streaming if you are interested.

We have a detailed test plan, starting from defining the success criteria, a detailed report of what works and what doesn’t work, along with the recommendations. We have different approaches, tools, and techniques to perform usability testing on software products in prototype, or Beta stages.