Smartphone App Testing

Poor Testing will leads to Poor Ratings in App Stores – Not when we are in charge

With a staggering growth in the number of smartphone users, and more and more people surfing the web via mobile phones, it's understandable if you are looking to launch an app for your business or brand. But the cut-throat competition means there's no margin for errors. There are literally hundreds and thousands of devices in the market, not to forget the difference in Operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Your target users might be using any of these devices and operating systems. So, how do you ensure that your app performs equally well for all and sundry?

The answer is ... through rigorous testing.

Smartphone Apps testing is crucial to reduce critical defects. Testing smartphone apps pose unique problems. For example, your in-house testing labs, online emulators, or simulators might fail to replicate the real life environment, but when you hire SwaamTech as your offshore testing partner, we will test your app on real devices with different screen sizes, operating systems, and specs.

Working with SwaamTech is more affordable than you might think, and you will ultimately benefit from lowering your operational or management costs. We can test the app for usability, functionality, performance, security, and capacity, and report the failure, crash reports, and bugs with screenshots and performance metrics.