Security Testing

A Software is only As secure as its Weakest Link

Your software might come out as a winner in performance and functional testing, but it is practically of no use if it is vulnerable to hacks or attacks of any kind. So, in addition to the performance and usability testing, the software must pass the security tests before it is approved for the intended usage.

Security testing is an absolute must for all types of software and applications, not just for banking or financial services, large corporations, or government entities.

You need to test your software or application from various security perspectives. For example, the software must be able to protect data and keep the information safe from going into someone else hands, other than the intended recipients. It should be able to authenticate the identity of users, and authorize appropriate rights and features.

At SwaamTech, we can understand, identify and take care of the vulnerabilities like no one else. Our security audit will scan your software or applications for vulnerabilities, and report our findings with security assessment. Our well-structured, security testing approach is designed with one purpose in mind i.e. to make sure that no flaw or vulnerability can escape our rigorous testing.

We can also simulate an attack to see if it’s possible to access the information, or affect the software in one way or another. This technique is called penetration testing. We will try to exploit the weak areas in your defense and report all kinds of security issues, loopholes, or leaks in detail. We will also suggest security requirements like multifactor authentication, encryption, or password enforcement.