Performance Testing

Make Tall Claims but back them up with Facts - Let us Conduct Performance Testing

It's vital that a software application is tested for its responsiveness in terms of speed, reliability, interoperability, and performance targets. Investing on performance testing will give you the much needed confidence in your application's ability to handle the desired workload, and meeting the performance criteria in peak hours.

Some basic techniques for performance testing include load testing, endurance testing, spike testing, volume testing, capacity testing, or configuration testing.

Load Testing: In load testing, we will measure the load on your database, application server, etc. during software functions. Load testing is important to ensure that the software can handle the current or future load without difficulty.

Stress Testing: Stress testing can help you find the maximum capacity of your software or system. Stress testing is important for finding out the number of users the software can support at the same time.

Endurance/Soak Testing: Soak testing is required to ascertain that the software can sustain the expected load in the peak usage hours. It also determines that the response time after a prolong period of usage is as good as the start.

Configuration Testing: We will make configuration changes and observe the software performance and behavior after these changes.

Performance testing is required to predict the application behavior and performance to avoid slowdowns and collapses in real life stress conditions.

We have an expert team of performance testers, who know their tools inside out. We are quite familiar with the tools like:

-Load Runner
-Open STA
-Micro Focus Silk Performer