Functional Testing

We excel at finding defects and failures to ensure that the final product is bug-free

Functional testing is all about testing and validating a particular feature or functions of a software or application. Together with black box or white box testing, it is probably the most common type of testing in software development. All software products or applications are intended to perform a specific purpose, and functional testing confirms that the software can perform the desired function in the approved manner.

Functional testing might sound like a very simple test, but you need to have a good grasp of functional testing tools and the basics like User Interface testing, APIs, installation, database management, and security. In the wrong hands, there's a good chance of getting incomplete or inaccurate results, which will totally ruin the purpose of testing. So, it's better to hire independent testing specialists who were not involved in development process.

At SwaamTech, we employ a rigorous testing approach to verify that the software has the features and functions for which it was created. We will also validate the industry specific compliance and compatibility issues. Our testing methodology focuses on:

-The script capabilities
-Validation and Verification
-Recording and Playback Options
-Reporting Functions

Remember that it's important to integrate functional testing early in the development process, to make sure that the discrepancies or bugs are identified and taken care of in the start. You can hire SwaamTech for functional testing during the development process, or post-modification testing. Our well-structured approach makes use of special testing tool to ensure that everything within the application is working smoothly.