Automation Testing

Improved Test Efficiency + Faster Time to Market + Lower Costs = Automated Testing

It's not always possible to set up a test environment and administer test data or results manually. For instance, the size of information can make it difficult to enter data and analyze results by hands. But that doesn't mean you should simply pass over the testing part. Instead you should go for automated testing, which is a faster and more efficient way of testing the software.

In case manual testing is not possible due to time or budget constraints, automated testing is the way to go. Not only it will expedite the entire process, but it will marginalize the risk of human error, which is there in case of manual handling of substantial datasets or information.

Automation testing requires cutting-edge technologies and expertise across many different automation tools. At SwaamTech, we have extensive experience and a complete mastery of automation testing tools like Micro Focus Slik, HP Unified Functional Testing Software, Selenium, Telerik Test Studio, Perl and Junit, Ranorex and the likes.

We will come up with a customized strategy while keeping in line with the nature of your software, scripts, architecture, and automation environment. Over the years, we have invested in building various frame-works, including but not limited to Linear Framework, Data Driven Framework, or Keyword Driven Frameworks.

If you are looking to speed up the entire process, test more data in less time, and improve test efficiency, you should look no further than SwaamTech. We can also provide technical assistance to help you conduct in-house automation testing.